Pandemic Prep

Living on the Atlantic coast for most of my life I have endured a number of hurricanes. My first batch came while living in a trailer park as kid near the Coast Guard base my father worked at in North Carolina. When you live in a trailer evacuation during a storm is necessary so there is not much stock piling of goods that needs to happen. Just a tank of gas and a plan of some sort. My mother would drive as far away from the storm as she could and we would find shelter. The shelter was a school gym with cots set up. There were nice people volunteering, checking people in and assigning them a place to rest. They would serve meals and snacks and it was my first witness to selflessness that I can remember. It was a surreal experience and I am grateful for those folks. When the storm passed you would drive home and hope for the best. I was lucky to never have any property damage but power outages could last for days.

Living in My hometown of Fort Lauderdale, Florida there was always a hurricane threat every year. Whether it hit or turned in another direction it is a way of life for those that live in paradise. I have always been aware that preparedness whether it’s for a hurricane or any type of anomaly is necessary but it can slip through the cracks and reach the back of our minds. Then we pretend to be caught off guard when we clearly know anything can happen at any moment and being prepared can save your life.

I now live in New Jersey just a stones throw away from Manhattan. We experienced a hurricane that devastated most of the surrounding area and it was a shocker because the North East is not built to withstand hurricane force winds. During these times gas and water are no where to be found and only those with generators had the luxury of electricity. All you can do is stand together to rebuild and restore.

Today we are living in a historical moment and are experiencing a world wide pandemic of the Corona Virus. It is important to be prepared for times like these so I have put together a list of things to stock up on during a pandemic.

    A full tank of gas
    Water (if you can’t find water at stores just fill some jugs at home. You just need clean water in case things get contaminated)
    Canned goods my favorites are tuna and canned soup
    Meal replacement shakes. Let’s get real if things hit the fan and food is not available and cooking is not possible these will do the job of nourishing you.
    Medicine, pain relievers and first aid supplies
    Food and supplies for your pets
    Books, games and entertainment

These are the basic items I feel will be needed when it is impossible for essential businesses to stay open and help and aid is far behind. I recommend always having a 2 week supply of these essentials on hand. I wish you well during these uncertain times and I have faith that our best days are ahead of us. God bless you all. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Being on the east coast also, I am so not looking forward to hurricane season either 🌺 Hope you and the family are staying safe

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