Easter Egg Window Hunt 2020

Easter Egg hunts are a special part of the Easter celebration. This year during the quarantine many celebrations are being canceled but with an Easter Egg Window Hunt we can keep tradition alive. Many folks are creating beautifully crafted paper eggs and placing them in their windows for families to seek as they take a drive or social distanced walk this Easter. Below are suggestions of things to do in no particular order before you go for your egg hunt.

Create Eggs

Get the family together and get creative. Try using things you have around the house. If you have paper or cardboard you have an Easter egg. Cut your paper/cardboard in the shape of an egg and make it large enough to be noticed from afar. Then design and color your egg as unique as you wish. You will then hang it in the window and and bring joy to those in your community. If you need some inspiration checkout Pinterest for helpful hints and creative ideas.

Sunday Service

He lives! Just because you can not attend church in person does not mean you should miss out on the celebration. Before you go on your egg hunt login with your church community for Easter service. If you do not have a church home may I suggest Joel Osteen and his Lakewood Church in Houston, TX. He will have special guest including Mariah Carey, Kanye West and the Sunday Choir this Easter. http://live.joelosteen.com/


Before you head out make sure to eat a delicious brunch. This year I am planning to have Eggs Benedict. I have never made this at home but I am excited for the challenge. I will also have a couple of mimosas and it will feel just like eating out. There are so many great recipes online so get creative and make it special. This year for Lent my husband and I gave up a few food items we look forward to enjoying at some point on Easter Day. They include ice cream, coffee with sugar and red meat.

Sunday Best

Don’t forget to shower, fix your hair and put on something nice this Easter before you go out for your egg hunt drive or walk. The social distance quarantine has made it easy to let ourselves go. Yes, the hair dressers and nail techs are unavailable but don’t let yourself go. Paint your own nails, wash and style your own hair then put on something nice. Heck, put on your Easter best so you can do a nice photo shoot with the ones you are isolated with. When your egg hunt is over go home, relax for a bit and then prepare a nice Easter Dinner while Zooming, FaceTiming, calling or texting your family and friends.

I hope you are all well and I wish you all a very Happy Easter. Thank you for reading!

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