Easter in Quarantine

This Sunday marks a special occasion in Christianity the resurrection of Jesus Christ our Savior. Many people have different religions and beliefs but this one is the one I chose and it is special to me. I was not raised in religion. I was however taken to church a few times and I remember going to Montessori school briefly as a child. It was a little scary but mostly just confusing. It was later decided that religion was a choice and I was free to choose what I wanted to believe or to not believe with no pressure.

Many years passed but I feel like the seed of Jesus was always planted in my heart. When I was 18 years old I began attending a non denominational church with a friend. It took a few visits but I eventually opened my heart and gave in to the belief of Jesus Christ as my Savior. At the age of 19 I was baptized in the Atlantic Ocean and my belief though tested at times remains strong.

This Sunday will be Easter in the year 2020. Easter is the day that Jesus resurrected from the grave after dying for our sins giving us the opportunity to live an everlasting life after death. This year there is a world wide pandemic happening due to a flu like virus that attacks the respitory system called Covid-19, also know as the Corona Virus. It has halted life as we know it. There are people getting sick, loosing their jobs and dying. As we try to curve the spread all non essential workers are being quarantined. This Easter we need a rebirth more than ever. As much as I would like for thing to go back to normal I also hope for much change. I hope that in this stillness we find light, hope and recovery.

This year I am doing my best to keep the joy and celebration of Easter alive in my home. I have made crafts and am planning a special dinner for myself and my husband. I will be viewing online church services and the Spirit is alive. Below is an Easter craft I would like to share that is uplifting and fun to do. I used stuff I had lying around my home. Paper, tape and markers. You should give it a try. I will post a link with instructions. How are you spending your Easter, Passover or Ramadan? Please share in the comments. Thank you for reading!


2 responses to “Easter in Quarantine”

  1. Easter is my favorite season of the year. I’m going to miss attending our Maundy Thursday service and decorating our church sanctuary with flowers. There’s something truly precious about coming into the sanctuary on Sunday morning with a 6 or 7 foot wooden Cross, previously draped in black on Good Friday, festooned with fresh flowers. I’ll miss seeing those things but will none-the-less be rejoicing–Jesus is alive and He’s coming again!

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    1. Wow! That sound beautiful..what a joy it must be to decorate the church like that. Very moving!


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