Hudson Yards Visit

The Hudson Yards is the newest hot spot in N.Y.C. located a few steps away from the Highline. Everyone wants to check out The Vessel, The Shed and The Shops that make up the Hudson Yards.

The Vessel

The Vessel is a unique piece of art that offers Instagram worthy pictures at all kinds of angles and heights. Entering the Vessel is free but you will need a timed ticket that you can get online There are also on-site tickets available.

The Shed

The Shed is a huge performing arts center located next to the Vessel. Inside the large theater is a bar/restaurant called Cedric’s. It’s another non tipping restaurant that seems to be popping up all over NYC.During my visit I went to see Reich Richter Part an immersive live performance that piqued my interest. The beginning was cool and the orchestra was nice but it was an overall bizarre experience.

The Shops

I did not enter the shops but they are there for your shopping pleasure with stores like Cartier and Fendi.

3 responses to “Hudson Yards Visit”

  1. I had heard of the vessel. It looks like a fun building to explore!

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    1. It’s pretty cool. 👍

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