What To Expect at a Red Bull’s Game

I attended my first Red Bull’s soccer game. My husband got free tickets via the THX program. Which is basically when a corporate worker would like to show gratitude for one thing or another to the public. They give you a really nice and heavy credit card type business card.

The card thanks you and gives you a promo code to go online and redeem it for $40 worth of goods or services. Like a Red Bull delivery, Target, Walgreens and so much more. We chose Red Bull’s tickets with a $40 concession. We have always wanted to go to a game. Plus, it was the best deal.

We went to their last scheduled home game against Atlanta. We picked up our tickets worth $70 each at will call. The seats were great and our excitement was high.

We used our concession vouchers for beer and cocktails because we were full from brunch and I like to drink. Drinks cost the usual $12 stadium price. Tito’s on tap

The game was exciting. The energy from the fans was so strong. They give a great prelude with fireworks and all. Everyone stood for the National Anthem and they even had a ritual during the rockets red glare part (their color is red). During the entire game fans were jumping up and down and chanting together to the beat of drums. It was pretty cool.

The game was played well by both teams and ended in a tie. I found myself screaming and rooting for the Red Bull’s like a true fan. It was a great time and we will defiantly be back next year for more games.

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