My Visit to Dr. Oz

I was an audience member at the Dr. Oz show today. I enjoy the show and pretty much all day time T.V.

I have watched live audience talk shows on T.V. for as long as I can remember. I always saw at the end they would invite you to be their guest. If you are in the area you can get free tickets to the show by going online. It’s really simple.

Living so close to NYC this has become my hobby. I’ve been to SNL, Jimmy Fallon, The View and probably every show you can think of that tapes in NYC; some more than once. The tickets are always free, it gives me something cheap to do, you see some of your favorite stars and you might even get an awesome giveaway. Here’s how it went.


Be prepared for lots and lots of waiting. It’s going to be line after line before you get a seat in the studio. Sometimes that includes waiting outside so be sure to dress for the weather. Today was raining and chilly so I made sure I brought my umbrella and a decent sweater.

audience holding room before the show


All show usually have stadium type seating. So all seats are good. You will be on T.V. !! I have pretty much always seen myself when the show airs and I get such a kick out of it. Use the bathroom before you’re seated because it’s really difficult once taping begins.view from my seat

The Show

The show is usually taped in segments. Different topics and special guest come on and entertain. Today’s top guest in my opinion was Gabrielle Union. She wrote a book. She is very smart and has a good stand point. The audience was lucky enough to go home with a copy of her book We’re Going to Need More Wine. Her openness on the show about her life has left me eager to read her book and write a review on it.

To get tickets to a taping of Dr. Oz click here.

Thanks for reading XOXO

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