The Big Fake Wedding

There’s a new concept in wedding planning expos; it’s called The Big Fake Wedding. Vendors come and put on as the title suggest a fake wedding.

A couple gets married in a real ceremony and you are the guest. There is a prelude, the couple exchange vows, a recessional, light hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, dancing and the tunnel of love. It’s a brilliant idea and a game changer in the world of wedding expos.

You can partake in all the fun as well as find the perfect vendor for your special day. You drink, eat, dance and get inspired. The tunnel of love is the place to meet with the vendors; you can grab flyers, ask questions and book them for your own wedding or party.

Some of my favorite vendors are listed below.

Pour People

Pour Peoplemixology is full service event staffing. Their service was great and the blueberry brew was unique and I am obsessed with it. Every good wedding is made better with the perfect bartender.

ISH Photo Booth Rentals

ISH photo booth rentals has every type of booth imaginable. They have great props and are fun people to be around. Photo booths are an extra add on that can take your event to next level.

The Haiku Guys

The Haiku Guys and Gals stole my heart. They are poets who do an on the fly Haiku for you with a topic of your choice. I chose love; I told her I met my husband at a restaurant, we talked about cats and the rest is history. My Haiku pictured below made me melt. There is no better place for poetry than a wedding. This unique talent needs to be a staple at weddings.

Sugar Kiss Bake Shop

Sugar Kiss provided the wedding cake. It was delicious. The cake is a special part of the wedding get one that you love.

The Foundry

The Foundry is a beautiful venue in Long Island City, New York. They hosted tonight’s event for The Big Fake Wedding. The place is breathtaking. An industrial fashioned building with charm and unique features. It’s a must see.

Long Island Cuban Cigar and Bourbon Experience

LICCABE is a unique cigar and bourbon service. My husband loved them. They personalize your event by crafting the perfect cigar and bourbon experience for your wedding/bachelor party.

Silver Arrow Band

Silver Arrow Band kept the party grooving, including myself.

It was a great night. If you can only choose one wedding expo to go to during your wedding planning, The Big Fake Wedding is the one.

Thanks to everyone who took part in putting together a great expo.

3 responses to “The Big Fake Wedding”

  1. I’m glad that you enjoyed it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It was a unique experience


      1. Yeah! I bet it was.


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