Does Your Zodiac Sign Fit Who You Are?

This is where I left you so let’s get to it. Does your zodiac sign fit who you are? Are you a believer in astrology? Even as a God-fearing woman I must admit that I am. I enjoy the predictions of the stars and I belive people tend to fit right into their zodiac sign.

I am a Capricorn and I like to think that makes me smart and prone to success. I have a good work ethic and am an old soul.  I am timid but once you get to know me I am an open book. My favorite part about being a Capricorn is that like fine wine we age gracefully.

What’s your zodiac sign and does it fit who you are?


3 responses to “Does Your Zodiac Sign Fit Who You Are?”

  1. I’m a Sag, and yes, the characteristics are uncannily accurate.

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  2. So glad you are writing again! Love your blogs!


    1. Thank you so much. Just what I needed to hear ❤️


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