The Play That Goes Wrong *Broadway Review*

This weekend on a friends recommendation I went to the Broadway play The Play that Goes Wrong at the beautiful Lyceum Theater on 45th Street in the heart of the theater district.

Ticket cost is up to $199 for premium seating but we were able to get last minute tickets in the balcony for $30. Yes, it’s the nose bleed section but, the theater is small so no seat is a bad seat in my opinion.

The play was definitely a good one. It was funny and kept my interest the entire time. It is a 1920’s murder mystery and the play dysfunctional in every way possible. There are set mishaps, characters over acting, under acting, and everything in between.

If you don’t have a quirky sense of humor this play might not be for you. You could try loosening up with a couple drinks before the play. You could also purchase drink there but it’s pricy, $15 for a single drink $25 for a double (cup of cheap wine).

If you are in New York City and have an extra $30 in your pocket this is good entertainment and a must do.

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