Something You Miss

I miss my belated dad. He was the only one who kept in touch with me no matter how far I tried to distance myself. He was a drunk and I always tried to run so far away from him but he was always the only one who cared to find me.

I’m not lighting a candle to his actions because he was the most awful drunk person I’ve ever seen, but we had a connection. When he wasn’t drinking I could see how intelligent he was and I am grateful for those times.


Sara was my childhood dog. She meant the world to me. I was so blessed to have her In my young life. She was gift from my Grandfather (my fathers, father). We went to a puppy farm and everyone decided on a Dalmatian. As all dogs I had seen were male I asked for a female and they presented us with the only female in the house. She was a miniature collie I immediately fell in love. (So did my dad).

I was sold and my dad named her Sara, after the Starship song Sara that was trending at the time.

She was a beautiful dog. In looks and personality. Unfortunately, due to my parents separation at the time I lost her. We were soul mates and I miss her to this day but I was not old enough to stand my ground and my grandparents forced a separation. It hurt more than words but was out of my control.


Almost 10 years later Sheba came into my life. She was dumped on us by someone my then boyfriend used to sell drugs to. She had was a Pitbull Mix that had been through a storm. She had a hard life that we could tell by her scars and was left behind because she had witnessed the suicide of her owner.

When I met Sheba I knew her history and seeing a pit-bull was a little frighting and I was hesitant. I got into the truck she was in and she immediately jumped into my lap and kissed my face. Just like a little lap dog, except she was a huge pit bull.

She was always my sweet angel. I wish I was in better times. When my then boyfriend decided to leave I had nowhere to go with a pitbull. I wish I was as smart as I am now. Because I had to give her away. I left her to a friend. She told me Sheba went on to another family that had a son. He had a hard time with bullying but Sheba would sleep with him every night and things got better.

These are the things I miss

5 responses to “Something You Miss”

  1. Thank you for Sharing The Good and The Bad. I enjoy your blog!

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    1. Awww! Thanks. I’m trying to be open and transparent so readers can get to know me. Thanks for reading and enjoying ☺️


  2. Marion, you are one of the most precious souls that I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Your stories are beautiful and inspiring! Thank you for sharing my sweet soul sister xo Love you long time!

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    1. Your stories are also very powerful and endearing. You are probably the strongest woman I know. Love u mucho


  3. What bittersweet memories those must still be.

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