What’s in Your Purse

Today’s purse is a backpack. I have been going into the city (N.Y.C.) to work PostMates so this bag works better than a purse.

I bought this backpack at Century21. I saw it loved it, talked myself out of buying it because I didn’t need another bag, couldn’t stop thinking about it…went back and bought it. I think that’s how I need to do things sometimes. If not I would be a hoarder. The bag had a slight default so I asked for a discount. They gave me an extra 10% off. Yay!!

contents of my backpack

We are still in winter and are actually expecting our 2nd of 3 snow storms in one week tomorrow.

So I have my hat, gloves and a scarf to keep me warm when walking around N.Y.C.

Fossil Wallet with cash, ID and cards

Hair ties, eyeliner and lipstick just in case. Carmex because I’m lost without some type of chapstick or as I call it lip lotion. Lost.

Bandaids just in case, shoe blisters are the worst. Baby wipes are all around great. Good for cleaning up any mess you may encounter including restroom things, spills or hand wiping.

Lotion and spray to soften up and freshen up. The winter makes skin dry.

My ibuprofen prescription pills. For any aches and pains I may encounter

Mophie charger, this things a beast. It works so well. Charges my phone for a full 24 hours like it claims.

I have been working Postmates for 1 week now. I will tell you about it soon in another blog. It’s defiantly a story to tell. I wouldn’t give up my day job for this but I am enjoying the exploration and exercise this walking courier business provides.

That’s what’s in my purse. I hope you enjoyed the blog.

4 responses to “What’s in Your Purse”

  1. I have all that and a lot more 😉 however I do not have a phone charger and that’s a great idea, I have one in my car, but keeping one in my purse would be a better option.

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    1. The charger is $25 on Amazon and $50 in Apple Store 😁


  2. dibs on the sucker

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol. It’s probably been around for a week but I enjoy a sweet treat too


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