Kevin James *Live Taping*

I was able to confirm my attendance with 1iota to see Kevin James. He was taping a live stand up show for Netflix. I’m a huge Kevin James fan so I moved mountains to get there. I love his movies and have probably watched every episode of King of Queens. Thankfully, I was able to guilt a coworker into switching shifts with me so I could make it, so hats off to him.


1iota is a free audience casting agency. Check them out if you live anywhere shows tend to film. I am always browsing their site. They work with lots of great tickets provided by 1iota

Beacon Theater

The show was at the iconic Beacon Theater located on Broadway in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York City. The theater is beautiful and cozy. Our seats were in the back of the orchestra. They were great seat. Tickets for the show did go on sale so we were mixed in with guest that paid for admission. According to my calculation our seats were worth $99 each.view from my seat

Kevin James

I’m a fan, so I was fanning out. I am excited for the show to make it to Netflix. His comedy is clean and he doesn’t hit on politics. I heard from the restroom attendant that Kevin was going to be outside after the show, taking pics, signing autographs and talking with his fans. It was raining cats and dogs so we opted to grab dinner instead but I thought it was pretty cool that he’d be willing to get out there. It was a great date night.

4 responses to “Kevin James *Live Taping*”

  1. Love Kevin James! Always Funny!

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  2. Had a friend who loved him in Kings of Queens and all his movies. I seen a few of his movies very funny guy

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    1. He’s great. There’s something about him I just love. I even have a bit of a fan crush on him. Haha

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