Last Day of Summer 2017

Summer you are my favorite. You are the season we scramble to make the most memories. We vacation when we can, sit and play outside. It’s a beautiful time.

I always make a bucket list of things I’d like to accomplish during the summer. It makes planning my days off easier. I just pick something off the list to check off.

Here is an example of the stuff I like to do.

1) Visit family in Texas

2) Visit family in Florida

3) Booze Cruise around the Hudson River

4) Concert

5) Visit Atlantic City

6) Bike Ride around Governors Island

7) Row Boat in Central Park

8) Visit Coney Island

9) Visit Pennsylvania

10) Girls trip to Cape May

11) Visit a museum

This is just a list of the things I’d like accomplish; I do not always get the opportunity to do everything, and that’s okay.

The best part of this summer is the quality time spent with family and friends. Nothing can replace the memories made or the quality time we shared all summer long. I’m feeling blessed and I look forward to fall.


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