Neptune Feast

I got the privilege of being invited to the Neptune Lobster Feast at Rutgers in New Brunswick, NJ. My gf daughter is a student at the school and invited us to join her at this popular event.

I enjoyed waiting in line with the other students. Some had their parents join them. You could tell how excited the parents were to be there and how proud they were of their children. The kids were a little shy and uncomfortable around their folks.

I over heard a student asking her parents why they were so dressed up to eat lobster. While there was no dress code; you could tell the parents were just happy to be there and dressing up was part of the fun. It was cute to watch.

Rutgers purchased over 18,000 live lobsters. There were crab legs, shrimp, salmon and everything in between. Everything was delicious. It was a great day with great company.

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