Go Cray before Labor Day

I am a stage 5 procrastinator. Which means I have a lot on my plate right before my mini Labor Day trip to Florida.

It means figuring out what to wear, picking up the stuff I need and packing it into a small personal item sized tote. It’s also my anniversary so I want to pamper myself with a pedicure and threading of the eyebrows.

I found cheap tickets from Newark to Fort Lauderdale for $117 round trip with Spirit Airlines. One tiny stipulation. No carry-on included. You can however, bring a personal item (basically, a duffle bag) and stuff it with as much crap as it can fit. Which can be surprisingly a lot.

They also do not provide the free drink and snack but, that’s not a deal breaker because, I pack my reusable water bottle and a few snacks from home. I also, take my TSA approved quart sized freezer bag and throw in a mix of Jack Daniels and Fire Ball minis. I bring like 5 although you can fit probably 10 if you wanted.

As for my pre vacation pampering on a budget. I live in a predominantly Hispanic but otherwise very diverse neighborhood. I live on the world famous Bergenline Ave in New Jersey. It’s a broke man’s paradise. You can find anything. It’s like a flea market, shopping center, salon and restaurant mecca. It really is no joke when it comes to authentic food and great deals. A mani-pedi will run you $17 and eyebrow threading $5. Done and done.

I hope you enjoyed these tips as I go cray before Labor Day

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