Labor Day 2017 begins…for some

Ode, to Summer. You are a peach; A day at the beach. I will miss the feel of your sun on my skin. I wish it wasn’t the end.

The long Labor Day weekend begins for some lucky folks and for others I feel your pain. I am a fan of Labor Day weekend because it’s my wedding anniversary weekend but it’s bitter sweet because it symbolizes the end of summer.

As a girl who grew up in Florida where summer never ends this transition can be a little weird for me. Now, I live in New Jersey where beaches close. That was a mind blower for me. A closed beach. We close our pools, pull out the hoodies and trade the iced coffees for hot lattes. (Probably, pumpkin.) It is actually a wonderful transition. The foliage and fall attire are some of my favorite things.

Back to summer. It’s not over yet and I plan to live it up to the very end. Follow me on my anniversary/Labor Day trip to Fort Lauderdale. A few more summer adventures in NYC and I will end it in Atlantic City, my home away from home.

Don’t stop the summer memories just yet!

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