Escaping the North East *Spring Break 2018*

The North East has had one hell of a winter. Remember our record breaking New Year’s chill. (It’s been a cold one). Easter was nice but now we’re still getting snow storms. It’s going to be nice to escape to Fort Lauderdale, FL where the weather is in the 80’s and no snow is inContinue reading “Escaping the North East *Spring Break 2018*”

Celebrate Your Sexy Boudoir Photo Experience

I won a free photo shoot and one print with Create Your Sexy a boudoir photo company. I knew right off the bat that this wasn’t going to be a totally free experience. (Although, it could have been but I didn’t want to be a total cheapskate). I was hesitant to book an appointment notContinue reading “Celebrate Your Sexy Boudoir Photo Experience”

Get Your Sh*t Together (Book Review)

I love self help books, I am always looking to better myself and as the book title implies, get my sh*t together. The book title drew me in and self help books with curse words in the title are trending right now (I’m always on board with a good trend.) This book was actually betterContinue reading “Get Your Sh*t Together (Book Review)”

What’s in Your Purse

Today’s purse is a backpack. I have been going into the city (N.Y.C.) to work PostMates so this bag works better than a purse. I bought this backpack at Century21. I saw it loved it, talked myself out of buying it because I didn’t need another bag, couldn’t stop thinking about it…went back and boughtContinue reading “What’s in Your Purse”

The Meaning Behind Your Blogs Name

Everything’s Mary. That’s what I call my blog. My name is Marion. Mary is pretty close to Marion. No one calls me Mary and I’m not looking for that to take off, although, I sometimes give the name Mary at Starbucks because Marion is too difficult for some people to pronounce and spell. So whyContinue reading “The Meaning Behind Your Blogs Name”

Valentine’s Day and Lent

Happy Valentines Day to you all! I hope it’s not a bitter holiday for you but instead it’s filled with someone you love or crush on. This year (2018) Lent falls on Valentine’s Day. I am not catholic but I do love Jesus and for the last 3 years I have successfully participated in givingContinue reading “Valentine’s Day and Lent”