Mary Kay Dreamer

When I was a kid back in the 80’s my aunt had a Mary Kay party. At my young age of maybe 7 or 8 years old the grown ups let me sit quietly and observe the party. I thought it was the coolest thing I’ve ever witnessed. The ladies were putting on make up and serums with promises of youthful skin.

The Mary Kay consaltant gave everyone a tray of make up with a mirror and in the age of the Caboodles I was amazed. I vowed then and there that one day I would become a Mary Kay consultant.

Fast forward to the year 2008 when I decided that it was my time to fulfill my childhood dream of selling Mary Kay. I went online ordered a bunch of stuff and they automatically assigned me to a pyramid of woman based on my area that would support me when I had questions, cheer me on and help get me started by showing me how to throw parties of my own.The acquaintances were made and I invited all of my new friends to attend my very special Mary Kay party. I ordered food, made sangria and was ready for the beginning of a long rewarding career as a Mary Kay consultant. My childhood dream was coming true.

  • Long story short it was a flop. The party was a bust no one cared about Mary Kay products the way I did. I spent almost $1,000 on products to start a pyramid scheme business and failed miserably. I thought I caught a break with a random internet order that turned out to be a scam. They wanted to buy nearly all the products I had on hand but sent me a check for more than double the money for the products. The condition was that I send the remaining money back in cash. Red flag alert! The check was from a car dealership. Another red flag! I called the car dealership and they confirmed that it was a bogus purchase and that I could throw the check out or report it to the FBI.
  • In the end my dreams were crushed. It did not effect my spirt but it did teach me a life lesson. Pyramid schemes are hard and if you are successful at one God bless you because I know it ain’t easy. I know you are putting in triple the work it takes to look like it’s effortless. Never stop dreaming but always be realistic about what you are investing in.
  • XOXO
  • 5 responses to “Mary Kay Dreamer”

    1. You have the sincere sympathies of another former Mary Kay Commando. I was roped in at a low point in my life and am grateful to this day that I didn’t get into *worse* financial trouble than I did as a result of the pink love-bombing.

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      1. Sharon you’re the best!!!

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    2. I remember my friend telling me she had invested $5000 in her initial kit. She eventually got out of it, but not after realizing how hard it was to make any money. Unless you have tons of friends/contacts, only so many people will come to a party, especially as younger people like stores like Sephora. And yet my Avon lady says she has been selling Avon for years, but maybe their prices are lower and it is just place the order as you go from the campaign booklets.

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      1. I love Avon. Unless, you’re putting your whole back into it. It’s a bit of a fluke.

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    3. Being a guy, I know little about Mary Kay or Avon. However, my Daughter-In-Law has sold Mary Kay for over ten years. She is now driving her 5th new car and is ready to take a Disney Cruise. She says it is all about the team she has built and how they support each other. But yes, she works pretty much 7 days a week and about 12 – 14 hours a day.

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