Nudity Plus Culture Shock: My First Korean Spa Experience

King Spa & Sauna in Palisades Park, NJ is a Korean Spa open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It is a dry spa (no pool, just hot tubs in the locker room) but plenty of saunas both hot and cold to relax you. I purchased admission from Groupon for $75 for 2 people which included 2 free smoothies.

Nudity plus culture shock

King Spa & Sauna is the first Korean Spa I’ve ever visited. At King Spa they provide you with a manditory uniform you must wear in the coed areas. In Asia, Korean Spas were an all nude unisex experience. It was a normal and non sexual practice of relaxation.

If you are in the locker room of King Spa & Sauna and want to use the spas you will be surrounded by naked bodies. It’s weird, it’s shocking and it’s uncomfortable until it’s not. You relax, you get over it and you get over yourself.Inside a cold room sporting my King Spa attire.


There are lots of saunas. Salt room, charcoal room, infrared and many more. Here is a suggested guide on how to Spa. shoes are allowed in spa. They get checked in at the door.Infrared light for tired feet.If you get hungry there is a restaurant where you can dine on authentic Korean cuisine, hot tea or a smoothie.Relax your cares away!I went into King Spa feeling nervous not knowing what to expect but I left feeling relaxed and I now understand why K-Spas are a huge trend in Asian culture.

7 responses to “Nudity Plus Culture Shock: My First Korean Spa Experience”

  1. “In Asia, Korean Spas are an all-nude unisex experience.” Not in South Korea itself; my son, his father-in-law and I went into the men’s section, while my daughter-in-law and her mother went into the women’s. This was in March of this year.

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    1. Revised to say โ€œwereโ€


  2. That looks so relaxing!

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  3. I showed my son . He works out so much that he loves this kind of thing and said he thought it was nice . I think my daughter would enjoy it . with her stress level lately.


  4. This made me chuckle, German spas are also nude and for both sexes, I think just American and English aren’t. It’s also a totally awesome feeling to sweat all your impurities out, to be one with everyone. It also helps with your self-confidence- there are so many different types of bodies out there and hardly any resemble what you see on TV or in magazines. I have an American colleague and we recently talked about how our American friends and family just wouldn’t understand. Her mom freaked out when she said they’re going to the sauna with friends.
    Your invitation to visit still stands by the way ๐Ÿ™‚ and we’ll send you to our favorite spa (we don’t have to join you ๐Ÿ˜‚).
    Thanks for posting this

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    1. Iโ€™m glad you enjoyed. Perhaps next year we will be able to make it to Germany. I will begin my pre-planning now. It will be great!


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