Frugal Friday Intrepid Museum

The Intrepid Air and Sea Museum is offering Free Friday’s once a month. An adult ticket to the Air Craft Carrier turned Museum is $33 so this is a huge savings. Entry starts at 5pm and you can check for upcoming dates here.


The Intrepid is a Navy Aircraft Carrier that has been retired and commissioned into a NYC Museum. It was built for WWII and took part in many missions including NASA recovery. The ship has an interesting history and is almost impossible to explore in detail all in one visit. So becoming a member is the best way to explore this History Museum.

During Free Friday’s the Growler Submarine and Concrorde Jet are closed. You will however have full access to everything onboard the Intrepid which includes the Space Shuttle pavilion and flight deck.

Flight Deck and Shuttle Pavillon

The flight deck is filled with all types of aircrafts including a space shuttle. It is amazing to see these machines up close.

The Intrepid is always free to U.S. Military and Vets. It is also always free to EBT card holders. This is a great way to spend a Friday evening in NYC.

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  1. Thanks for your like of my post on Memorial Day; you are very kind. I love the pictures that you have posted with this article of yours; thanks for being such a patriot.

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  2. You’re welcome. #U.S.A.

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