What’s Your Morning Routine

We all have one. What’s yours?

I wish I could say that I’m a morning person but I’m a night owl through and through. It’s just my nature.

This is my typical morning:

I try to get 7 hours of sleep so I try to go to bed by 3am and wake up by 10am.

I immediately start the coffee and feed the cats.

After enjoying my coffee in peace I begin to think about what I want to eat. My husband and I decide on something, sometimes we cook, sometimes we go out and other times we skip breakfast food and go straight into lunch.

After we eat I clean dishes and pick up around our apartment. I always have the TV on our local station playing the news and day time talk shows.

When I’m at my best I like to do a workout at home. I either put on a dvd like Beachbody or go on You Tube to find a 30 minute workout video.

By this time, it’s almost 2pm and I usually chill out and get hooked on social media until I start getting ready for work or starting my day.

This is not a typical morning for most but I enjoy not having to set an alarm.

What does your morning entail?

11 responses to “What’s Your Morning Routine”

  1. Great routine! My routine consists of going to be by at least 10pm and waking at 5:15am. I get up and drink coffee alone. Quiet time is a must for me. Just quiet. I get on my computer and write then I wake up the husband at 6 for work, the kids at 6:30 for school then our day begins.

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    • You found your “You Time” and that’s amazing. I wake up late and have no kids,but my cats know how to harass me and they demand to be fed before I can get a cup of coffee. I would love a morning of peace where no one (including cats could bother me) lol

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  2. I get up at 630 to drink coffee and read my devotional. Then, I make breakfast for all of us to eat and then we start to get ready to take my daughter to school. Drop off is at 8 and I jog right afterwards for a 1/2 hour. Then, when I get home, I do a workout on my yoga mat with dumbells. Cooking dinner and chilling take up the rest of my mornings. This was fun! Nice post Marion! 😀

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