MoviePass Newbie

I am a newbie to MoviePass, a movie theater subscription for less than $10 a month. This thing has been burning a hole in my pocket ever since it arrived in the mail.

To use your MoviePass, go to your favorite theater. Pull up the app and select your show and showtime. From there go to the front desk select your movie and pay using your MoviePass card by swiping it like a credit card. (There is a MasterCard logo on it like a credit card.) They print your receipt and ticket and you go and enjoy your show.

Here are my first movie watches.

Insidious: The Last Key

I love scary movies. I have been a fan of the Insidious films but I think The Last Key is my favorite. It’s rare that a sequel turns out to be better than the original, especially for me. It gets two thumbs up for making me jump out of my seat more times than I can count.

I heard a lot of negative reviews about this movie so I didn’t go in with high expectations but I liked the story. It really freaked me out.

Den ofThieves

This movie gave me anxiety. I was on the edge of my seat, worried about the execution of the robbery. The movie was good and action packed. I recommend you take your man, especially if he went with you to see Pitch Perfect Part 3 because my hubby is still talking about how much he enjoyed this flick.

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