New Year’s Resolutions 2018 Edition

I’m always excited to start a new year. I try to make a few resolutions to keep motivated. As I start the year off feeling good I want to challenge myself to be a better human, wife, daughter, sister and friend.

Here are my resolutions in no particular order.

Blog More

I did something I’ve always wanted to do in 2017. I started a blog. It feels so good to write. It’s a passion for me. I’m no expert at it. I’m kind of all over the place but one day I dream of writing a book, and this blog is going to get me ready for that major goal one day.

When I first started I was on fire and writing daily. Then it went down to weekly and now it’s so sporadic there is no consistency. I want to get back on the weekly train. So here is to more posts and adventures!

Cook More

I want to be a better wife and cook for my husband. He is a God send because he loves to cook and insists on cooking our every meal.

I need to give him a break. I want to pull my weight in the kitchen whether he likes it or not.


My brother and I had a talk over the summer and he reminded me that I am capable of doing anything. I am going to use that as my motivation to do something to make him proud. I’m finally going to college!

You never know who you will inspire so always remind people of their worth and their greatness.

Lose Weight, Feel Great

I want to lose about 15 pounds. I want to be in my best state physically and mentally. I want to be tone and I want to eat things that fuel my body and don’t make me feel sluggish.


I hope for adventure, travel and crossing things off my bucket list.

Family and Friends

I want to spend more quality time with my family and friends. That means I will sacrifice lazy couch days to go sit on your couch with you or maybe adventure awaits us in a hike, bike ride or movie.

Happy New Year!

7 responses to “New Year’s Resolutions 2018 Edition”

  1. Happy New Year dost. I wish you can fulfil them easily.


    1. Thanks a bunch for the Reblog

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  2. Have your college aspirations materialized ?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not yet. I sort of buried them alive. I will give it another shot this fall. Thanks for asking. It helps with the resurrection.


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