Nail Polish Review

I love nail polish. I’d love to go to the salon to get my nails done but as a bartender it’s just not happening for me. I do way too many dishes and am exposed to too many chemicals. So, if I give a nail polish a review, you know I’ve found a good one!

I do my own manicures at home and I have finally found a top/bottom coat that will make my at home manicure last more than a week. They also have lacquer but I found it can work with any polish. It’s called Nailtiques Formula 2. I received the product kit (Moscow colored lacquer and Formula 2) in a swag bag I got from a bridal show.

Formula 2 protein polish is a game changer. It makes the nails healthier and gives the polish a gel life of up to two weeks; without the gel removal hassle.

Give this one a try. You can buy it at Walgreens or online. The stuff is simply magic.

2 responses to “Nail Polish Review”

  1. Sean "Jungle JiM" Johnson Avatar
    Sean “Jungle JiM” Johnson

    I never even thought about nails and bartenders
    Lol ur very innovative ….kudos

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