National Coffee Day

It’s an acquired taste. Not everyone is a coffee person. I am, I brew a pot at home every morning. I’m responsible for preparing and serving coffee for my husband and myself.

The sit down breaks I take whilst drinking my coffee is something like a cigarette break would be for a smoker. It’s delightful. I’m always chasing that AWAKE feeling when the brew kicks in and puts that extra pep in your step. I am totally basic, I like pumpkin in the fall, Iced coffee in the summer and lattes during winter.

I love to buy my brew from Porto Rico on Bleeker St. in NYC. They have a great selection of fancy imports and flavors. The shop was brought to my attention by a friend. She got me hooked on the coconut flavored beans. They are divine. Coconut coffee is king in my book.

Enjoy your favorite brew today!

Published by Marion

I am a 30 something year old Jersey Girl, who's family is from Texas, grew up in North Carolina and calls her hometown Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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