Britney Spears is My Muse

My inspiration changes with the tide. I am a procrastinator, I start things and don’t finish all the time. Yet, I still find myself obsessing over all kinds of interesting things.

My latest obsession is with Britany Spears. Well, it’s kind of an old one that’s been revived. I can’t get over how healthy she looks. She is insanely fit, busy and appears to be happy.

I am inspired by her to put my best self forward. I am not nearly as busy as her, so I should be able to do it. I put on about 20 pounds after I started taking anti anxiety medication. It is my goal to get off the medicine and lose about 10 pounds. I find that while medicating, I am happy and and my anxiety is non existent. It’s a lovely life, but I also find myself mindlessly eating to no end. Even sleep eating. It must be euphoria due to medication.

I am a supporter of medicine and believe in it wholly. I just want to try a new approach. I am very independent and want to know I can do things on my own.

So here’s to you Britney Spears. May you prosper and thanks for the motivation and abs, I’m coming for you.

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