Everything’s Merry

I hope you are feeling good today. There has been so much going on in the world I just want to take a moment to be thankful. It can be hard and I almost convinced myself (jokingly of course) that God hates me. Let me not be selfish, He hates us. All jokes aside, it’s easy to live and not appreciate the things all around us we should be thankful for.

For example, my one pet peeve during the hurricane that hit Florida is the desperate need for people to fight over bottled water. Get a clue people. Get a jug and bottle it yourself from your tap. We are so conditioned to think we need special things in our first world lives. We have all we need and we should be merry for that.

I hope you are able to get out of any ruts and do things that make you happy. Feed a homeless cat, help your neighbor, have good sex with your partner. Just live a life you love. Make it good, make it special.

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