Hurricane Prep

I live in New Jersey. I’m exactly 2 miles from NYC. At this point, I am pretty far from the area that Hurricane Irma plans to touch ground at. I will be beginning my prep now. It’s never too early to get non perishable supplies. It can be useful during any kind of emergency.

I have family and loved ones that live in Florida and if the hurricane hits my sister and her family have agreed to come stay with me. As happy as I am to get more time with them it’s bitter sweet.

No matter the case it’s now time to step into action and make sure everything is a go around here. I will be headed to BJ’s Wholesale to pick up food, beverages, candles, batteries and maybe a board game to keep us entertained. We may not be in the path but these are the things we should try to be stocked up on because anything can happen at anytime.

Stay safe and it’s never too early to be prepared.

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