Season’s 52

For our one year anniversary dinner we made reservations for Season’s 52. I’ve always wanted to visit this restaurant. The concept is cute. Seasonal menu changes, no freezers so food is fresh, and everything is under 700 calories.

I forgot to take pictures of the food but trust me it was good. Even better, the company. We were accompanied by my sister, her husband and my BFF since middle school and her boyfriend. We had a great night it was priceless.

Some tips on how to save when going out. I use Gift Card Granny to find discounted gift cards. You can find all kinds of cards for up to 25% off. I also had a discount available to me through my job. So putting all that together equals money left in my pocket.

I almost forgot to mention, when we made our reservations we let them know we were celebrating our anniversary. They gave us a free glass of bubbly and a thoughtful anniversary card. So don’t forget to mention your celebration.

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