Sometimes You Need a Little Change

Things change. Even we as people change, whether we want to believe it or not. It’s all a part of the big beautiful picture. Today’s change could be anything. It could be as big as moving away or simple like a hair cut. We are ever evolving into ourselves and sometimes a leap of faithContinue reading “Sometimes You Need a Little Change”

The World Is Yours To Conquer

There is so much in this world. Elements of surprise, beauty and marvel. Mix that in with the evil and the ugly and that’s a lot to deal with. But this world, this life it’s yours to conquer. We each have what it takes to do extraordinary things. The hardest part could be knowing whereContinue reading “The World Is Yours To Conquer”

Hurricane Prep

I live in New Jersey. I’m exactly 2 miles from NYC. At this point, I am pretty far from the area that Hurricane Irma plans to touch ground at. I will be beginning my prep now. It’s never too early to get non perishable supplies. It can be useful during any kind of emergency. IContinue reading “Hurricane Prep”

Season’s 52

For our one year anniversary dinner we made reservations for Season’s 52. I’ve always wanted to visit this restaurant. The concept is cute. Seasonal menu changes, no freezers so food is fresh, and everything is under 700 calories. I forgot to take pictures of the food but trust me it was good. Even better, theContinue reading “Season’s 52”

Go Cray before Labor Day

I am a stage 5 procrastinator. Which means I have a lot on my plate right before my mini Labor Day trip to Florida. It means figuring out what to wear, picking up the stuff I need and packing it into a small personal item sized tote. It’s also my anniversary so I want toContinue reading “Go Cray before Labor Day”