Two Days in Washington D.C. (part 2)

Washington D.C. is a great place to visit. We went to the Smithsonian Zoo, Ford’s Theater, lunch at Old Ebbit Grill, and a walk around the Capitol building. It was a fun day filled with excitement and experiences I will never forget.

Smithsonian National Zoo

The zoo was about a 20 minute drive from the museums and monuments. It is well worth the trip. It is free to enter and they have some of the best animals in the world. They have pandas, sloths, apes and many more. I’ve been to zoos where the animals look miserable but the animals here were seemingly happy. I turned into a child when I saw a Panda. They have Panda Cam and you can watch the pandas anytime, if you’d like a dose of cuteness. taking a panda nap

Ford’s Theater

Entry is free but space is limited. For $3 you can reserve a ticket to ensure your entry and avoid long lines. This is the theater President Lincoln was shot in. They have preserved things from the president and the shooting inside.bodyguard weaponsPresident Lincoln’s signature on a quilt Presidential Chinagun used to kill the president

House Where Lincoln Died

Across the street from the Ford’s Theater is the house where Lincoln died. Using the ticket from the theater you can enter into this home and see the bed that he lied on when he died. I didn’t even know this place still existed. There is also a museum inside tracing the steps after his death. This was my favorite museum.House Where Lincoln Diedbooks written on President Abraham Lincoln

Old Ebbit Grill

We had lunch at the old saloon and it was amazing. We saw it as we were walking from the White House and didn’t think it was for us because it seemed pricy and we didn’t bring anything nice to wear. After hearing good reviews and discovering they didn’t have a dress code we went for it.

We were told the oysters and Maryland crap cakes where to die for, and they were. We complimented our food with a 2014 bottle of Saviogon Blanc and we weren’t disappointed. The bill with tip for 4 people was high ($280) but it was a divine and unforgettable lunch with family.Lobster Sheppard’s pieoyster shooters

United States Capitol

After lunch we took a long walk to the United States Capitol. It felt good to walk lunch off. Along the 1.7 mile walk we passed some important buildings and offices. The Capitol was huge. We got there just as it closed and the sun was setting. It was a great trip. The first of many!F.B.I.U.S. Capitolsunset view from U.S. Capitol

5 responses to “Two Days in Washington D.C. (part 2)”

  1. Great info! I would love to take my family some day!

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    1. It’s a great place for families.


    1. Isn’t he the best!

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      1. There’s something about pandas 🐼


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