Hello, Fall

Welcome, Autumn! We look forward to your cooler temperatures, fall fashion and festivities. As we turn a new leaf there is so much to do and plan. From O.O.T.D. to Halloween costumes, Thanksgiving and Oktoberfest. Let’s get the planning started.

Here are just a few things I would like to try to accomplish this Autumn.

1) Climb the Statue of Liberty

2) Seasonal trip to Atlantic City

3) Apple picking and pie baking

4) Pumpkin picking and carving

5) Put together a Halloween costume

6) Attend the Macy’s Day Parade

7) Red Bull’s soccer game

8) Bike riding

9) Fall foliage nature walks

10) Row boats in Central Park

11) Fall craft project

12) Fall version of Spring Cleaning

13) Dinner party with family and friends

14) Haunted house

15) Oktoberfest

Let’s be clear. I’m a penny pincher so along the way I want to save money in all the ways that I can. I challenge you to make a list of things to do this Fall.


20 responses to “Hello, Fall”

  1. Oktoberfest sounds great for me 🙂

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  2. Def a fun list. What’s O.O.T.D? Never heard of that.


    1. Hi, it stands for outfit of the day and yes a fun list indeed.


      1. Didn’t know that. Now I do 🙂


    1. I will try my best. I am excited to follow another Marion’s blog!!!

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      1. Haha! My name is actually Mariona but I think Marion and Mariona are the same name in different languages so we could say we are name twins! 😉

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      2. Very true! People who can’t say Marion call me Mariona. Which is how I got my site name Everything’s Mary. Another name variation. Lol

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      3. Haha! Yeah, Mary is another name variation but I personally preffer Marion or Mariona. Altough for your blog it looks quite cool! 😉


  3. Best of luck for all that you want accomplish.

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  4. That is brilliant planning. All the best.

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    1. Thank you I really appreciate it


  5. Looks like you’ve got the hang of it. Great job so far 👍🏻

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  6. Sounds like you have some great plans 🙂 I really like fall too 😀

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    1. Thanks! After growing up I South Florida I really appreciate a season change. Our Earth is beautiful.

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  7. Thanks for your like of my post, “Israel 13 – Shabbat – The True Light;” you are very kind.

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