Everything’s Merry

I hope you are feeling good today. There has been so much going on in the world I just want to take a moment to be thankful. It can be hard and I almost convinced myself (jokingly of course) that God hates me. Let me not be selfish, He hates us. All jokes aside, it’s easy to live and not appreciate the things all around us we should be thankful for.

For example, my one pet peeve during the hurricane that hit Florida is the desperate need for people to fight over bottled water. Get a clue people. Get a jug and bottle it yourself from your tap. We are so conditioned to think we need special things in our first world lives. We have all we need and we should be merry for that.

I hope you are able to get out of any ruts and do things that make you happy. Feed a homeless cat, help your neighbor, have good sex with your partner. Just live a life you love. Make it good, make it special.

Sometimes You Need a Little Change

Things change. Even we as people change, whether we want to believe it or not. It’s all a part of the big beautiful picture.

Today’s change could be anything. It could be as big as moving away or simple like a hair cut.

We are ever evolving into ourselves and sometimes a leap of faith or a swift change of direction is all we need to start that next chapter. I am considering a lot of great changes this fall and I hope you will too.

Let’s change for the better!

The World Is Yours To Conquer

There is so much in this world. Elements of surprise, beauty and marvel. Mix that in with the evil and the ugly and that’s a lot to deal with. But this world, this life it’s yours to conquer. We each have what it takes to do extraordinary things.

The hardest part could be knowing where to start. It could be by doing something simple or something extraordinary.

Some of my big life changes are going to start small. By simply waking up and doing things off my to do list. Just little task like cleaning out a closet or organizing the spice cabinet can be the catalyst to something phenomenal.

If you have the drive and potential to do something that moves people like real life changing stuff. Get out and do it. This is your legacy you’re living. Get it done.

Shine on!

Hurricane Prep

I live in New Jersey. I’m exactly 2 miles from NYC. At this point, I am pretty far from the area that Hurricane Irma plans to touch ground at. I will be beginning my prep now. It’s never too early to get non perishable supplies. It can be useful during any kind of emergency.

I have family and loved ones that live in Florida and if the hurricane hits my sister and her family have agreed to come stay with me. As happy as I am to get more time with them it’s bitter sweet.

No matter the case it’s now time to step into action and make sure everything is a go around here. I will be headed to BJ’s Wholesale to pick up food, beverages, candles, batteries and maybe a board game to keep us entertained. We may not be in the path but these are the things we should try to be stocked up on because anything can happen at anytime.

Stay safe and it’s never too early to be prepared.

Casino fever

Today was a casino day. It was also a snorkeling day but I want to talk about my love for casinos.

Let me start by saying I don’t endorse gambling but I’m a dreamer and will throw a little money into slot machines every now and then.

I’ve never won a jackpot or played anything other than a slot machine but it’s so much fun. I can see how it can become a problem. My visit to Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Florida was nice. I was surprised to see all the restaurants, bars and clubs were closed until 2019.

Apparently, there is some major construction going on to build a bigger casino and hotel. I look forward to seeing it and I will be back in 2019 to check it out.

In case you were wondering, I would never stand to lose more than $100 in one night. I walked away with a little money in my pocket. I was up $200 at one point but after drinking and a little more playing I only left with an extra $50 in my pocket. I will gladly take it and call it good times at the casino.

Casinos are an extra that I always put like money aside for. It’s such fun to go and I love to dream that just maybe, I will hit a jackpot.

Season’s 52

For our one year anniversary dinner we made reservations for Season’s 52. I’ve always wanted to visit this restaurant. The concept is cute. Seasonal menu changes, no freezers so food is fresh, and everything is under 700 calories.

I forgot to take pictures of the food but trust me it was good. Even better, the company. We were accompanied by my sister, her husband and my BFF since middle school and her boyfriend. We had a great night it was priceless.

Some tips on how to save when going out. I use Gift Card Granny to find discounted gift cards. You can find all kinds of cards for up to 25% off. I also had a discount available to me through my job. So putting all that together equals money left in my pocket.

I almost forgot to mention, when we made our reservations we let them know we were celebrating our anniversary. They gave us a free glass of bubbly and a thoughtful anniversary card. So don’t forget to mention your celebration.

Let them eat cake

Tell me, are you willing to eat a piece of your wedding cake that sat in the freezer for a year. I did.

Why? Because, I heard somewhere to do it. For good luck of course. I am mildly superstitious and will do anything for better luck.

So, if you have an upcoming wedding. If possible, just do it. Have a moment with your spouse to relive one last piece of that special day.

Go Cray before Labor Day

I am a stage 5 procrastinator. Which means I have a lot on my plate right before my mini Labor Day trip to Florida.

It means figuring out what to wear, picking up the stuff I need and packing it into a small personal item sized tote. It’s also my anniversary so I want to pamper myself with a pedicure and threading of the eyebrows.

I found cheap tickets from Newark to Fort Lauderdale for $117 round trip with Spirit Airlines. One tiny stipulation. No carry-on included. You can however, bring a personal item (basically, a duffle bag) and stuff it with as much crap as it can fit. Which can be surprisingly a lot.

They also do not provide the free drink and snack but, that’s not a deal breaker because, I pack my reusable water bottle and a few snacks from home. I also, take my TSA approved quart sized freezer bag and throw in a mix of Jack Daniels and Fire Ball minis. I bring like 5 although you can fit probably 10 if you wanted.

As for my pre vacation pampering on a budget. I live in a predominantly Hispanic but otherwise very diverse neighborhood. I live on the world famous Bergenline Ave in New Jersey. It’s a broke man’s paradise. You can find anything. It’s like a flea market, shopping center, salon and restaurant mecca. It really is no joke when it comes to authentic food and great deals. A mani-pedi will run you $17 and eyebrow threading $5. Done and done.

I hope you enjoyed these tips as I go cray before Labor Day

Labor Day 2017 begins…for some

Ode, to Summer. You are a peach; A day at the beach. I will miss the feel of your sun on my skin. I wish it wasn’t the end.

The long Labor Day weekend begins for some lucky folks and for others I feel your pain. I am a fan of Labor Day weekend because it’s my wedding anniversary weekend but it’s bitter sweet because it symbolizes the end of summer.

As a girl who grew up in Florida where summer never ends this transition can be a little weird for me. Now, I live in New Jersey where beaches close. That was a mind blower for me. A closed beach. We close our pools, pull out the hoodies and trade the iced coffees for hot lattes. (Probably, pumpkin.) It is actually a wonderful transition. The foliage and fall attire are some of my favorite things.

Back to summer. It’s not over yet and I plan to live it up to the very end. Follow me on my anniversary/Labor Day trip to Fort Lauderdale. A few more summer adventures in NYC and I will end it in Atlantic City, my home away from home.

Don’t stop the summer memories just yet!

I Moved

I moved to WordPress form SimpleSite. I enjoyed starting my blog on Simple Site and I got going quick and easy (less than an hour). It was exhilarating and I wanted more. I looked up the best blog sites and a lot of successful bloggers use WordPress so after less than a week of blogging I have made the move.

I found SimpleSite easy but, basic and I wanted an upgrade. WordPress was a little more difficult to figure out but, once I got going and figured out what I was doing wrong it became easier. I am still learning. I’m just a beginner but I hope my hobby can turn into my legacy.

Welcome to my new blog EverythingsMary.com