I’ve never been a morning person. I just became a coffee person about 5 years ago. The coffee helps.

It is my personal mission to get up and seize the day. It helps when I have a to do list. It keeps me on track. I am prone to sleeping and sitting but I have a life to live.

I look forward to sharing my accomplishments with you, big and small and if I can get up and do something. Anyone can.

I Love Coupons, Groupons and Promo Codes

Love it or hate it, I am a fan of saving money any way I can. I know people who would rather drink out of their shoes than pull out a coupon. Not, me.

In fact, I might not have discovered some of my favorite places had it not been for there advertising promotions.

Today, I took my husband to a local Steakhouse for dinner, King Steakhouse in North Bergen, N.J. using a Groupon.

It was fantastic and I can’t wait to go back. The French Onion was delicious and the steak and chicken were a delight. ¬†We left happy and full.

Saving money and discovering new places has become a hobby for me. I hope it never goes away.

One Year Wedding Anniversary

As our one year anniversary approaches I am happy to report our first year has been a breeze. If you are planning a wedding, I must say I’m jealous. I still have wedding planning withdrawls. Hopefully, this blog can help me overcome the emptiness that has caused.

What I’m dealing with now is name change. Just to let you know it’s a pain in the rear. Do your research before you go. I’ve been turned away at the DMV for not having all the correct paperwork (like divorce papers) and for not going to the social security office first.

I’m still not finished so let’s hope the third times a charm, because I already booked my Anniversary Vacation flight with my new last name and I already know TSA does not play name games.

Update: Third times a charm. I am now officially Mrs. Estevez and a resident of New Jersey. (Although, I have lived here for almost 10 years).

As you know the DMV office is never any fun. I was a real winner and had to stand in line at NYC Department of Health for a birth certificate copy. Then, the NYC Social Security Office to do a name change before the DMV would change my name. As well as the DMV office three times.

There is still a lot of name changing work to do. There’s tax papers, pay checks, banks, insurance cards, lights and let’s not forget the gym and all the other online accounts that exist.

It hasn’t been an easy process and I know there are companies out there that you can pay to do all of this dirty work for you but, I’m paranoid and cheap. If anyone has ever tried it. Give me all the details. I want to know if it really is a game changer.

All Things Mary

All Things Mary – One More Mary

So my name is Not actually Mary, it’s Marion. No one really calls me Mary. The only nickname I’ve ever had is Mare and Marianna for those who find saying Marion too difficult. So why Mary? Maybe my firsts reason is because gays like to call each other Mary and I want in on the fun; or because like I mentioned before Marion is hard to say.

Why now? I think I’ve compiled enough, I can’t make this stuff up moments in my life to start amusing others.

What do you need to know about Mary. I’m semi sweet, I have no skills, yet and I want to do everything.

I am semi sweet. I used to be super sweet but life will harden you and change you from sweet to salty. So be careful not to become too hardened. No one likes a miserable cow. I have no skills so that’s what I’m here for. To do as much as I can without catching a felony. Maybe I might find something I’m good at and run with it.

I want to do everything so let this Mary spread her wings, I won’t be this young forever. (I’m currently 35.)

Let’s do this!!!