Frugal Friday Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is not the most fun thing to do on a Friday but it is very rewarding. Today I am staying frugal by staying in and Spring cleaning. Let’s get to it.


The number one thing that you can do to make an impact and really see the fruits of your labor is purge. I came across an episode of Hoarders and it scared me straight. I embarrassingly saw myself in this one character. I was holding on to crap that I never use because I one day might need it. I am happy to report that the purging went well and I want to continue to throw out about 30 things in each room every month.

Grout Cleaning

Cleaning the grout may be one of the most overlooked cleaning duties. I like to use a toilet bowl cleaner with bleach in the grout. After scrubbing with a hard brush it really looks good and feels clean.

Don’t forget to move things around

I believe a real spring cleaning involves moving things out of their place and dusting and cleaning each individual thing. This includes moving furniture and cleaning under the bed.

This is a marathon not a sprint so it may take a few days do do each room. I hope you enjoyed reading my tips on how I Spring clean. Please share any tips you may have, I’d love to hear them.

Published by Marion

I am a 30 something year old Jersey Girl, who's family is from Texas, grew up in North Carolina and calls her hometown Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

6 thoughts on “Frugal Friday Spring Cleaning

  1. I typically clean the apartment on Friday’s though I’ve already done my “Spring Clean.” I follow a plan so that I don’t forget to do something. Of course, while certain chores get done daily, others i do in rotation twice weekly, weekly, monthly or quarterly. That way everything is cleaned at least one a quarter. At least that’s the theory!

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